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Snake handling courses Australia

  • Snakebusters are the only snake control courses in Australia that issue an certificate of completion recognized internationally.

  • The Federal Government has rated Snakebusters as Australia's best reptiles courses.

  • Snakebusters conducts snake catching courses in all parts of Australia and other countries at the most competitive rates.

  • Snakebusters snake control and snake handling courses certificates are accepted by all Wildlife Authorities within Australia.

  • The Snakebusters courses are the only hands-on snake handling courses in Australia where students get to hold the animals. That way they get taught the correct way the first time!

  • Snakebusters courses completion certificates are the only ones issued within Australia that meet minimum recognition requirements in the Eurozone, USA and most parts of Africa.

  • Snakebusters snake handling courses are the only courses within Australia taught by a leading internationally recognised expert on venomous snakes, in our case, Australia's Snakeman, Raymond Hoser.

  • The Snakeman, Raymond Hoser (as seen on TV), author of hundreds of definitive books, papers and the like on venomous reptiles has been teaching "safe" venomous snake handling awareness for mine workers, university students and others for more than 30 years in Australia, Europe, the USA and Africa ... no one knows reptile better.

  • Snakebusters snake handling courses are the only courses within Australia that have and teach people to catch and handle the world's top five deadliest snakes, enabling graduates to handle any species in the world with confidence and safety.

  • Most courses can be completed in a single day and at any location!

  • Snakebusters are alone in the Snake handling industry in having more than 30 years in the reptile business and with a perfect safety record.

  • Warning: There are a number of ostensibly "Nationally accepted" reptile handling courses being offered by novices, advertised via "SEO optimised websites", issuing completion certificates, that are NOT recognised within the reptile industry and relevant employers, or outside Australia due to the failure of the teachers to meet the minimum standards expected within the reptile industry and government regulators. As a rule these inexperienced teachers also teach and use unsafe and illegal handling methods such as "Tongs", leading to a notoriously high incidence of fatal and near-fatal snake bites among their graduates.

  • Beware of false claims by inexperienced operators and demand proof of verifiable expertise by the teacher (to at least 20 years to meet minimum requirements).
    See warning on this link.
  • (Don't take risks and insist on Snakebusters and their verifiable decades of world-leading expertise).

  • Done a course elsewhere, but unsure if you are competant? - We do Australia's only Snake handler Verification of competancy (VOC) testing.

  • Demand Snakebusters if you need to learn how to handle venomous snakes, snake safety, toolbox talks, awareness sessions and the like using methods that won't kill either the snake or yourself!

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Snake handling courses

Zoologists, mine workers and others who deal with venomous reptiles prefer to be taught by a globally recognized expert for their snake handlers course training. We travel to all parts of Australia and overseas teaching snake catchers, snake capture, reptile relocations, wildlife control, research methods, reptile awareness sessions, workplace safety, snake spotter courses, toolbox talks, site inspections and more. Areas we service for snakehandlers courses, include, Melbourne, goldfields, east gippsland, mallee, wimmera, high country, Murray Valley, Sydney, Canberra, ACT, Southern Highlands, South Coast, Northern Tablelands, North coast, Greater west, western slopes, alps, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Mount Isa, Rockhampton, Cairns, Cape York, PNG, Irian Jaya, Darwin, NT, Arnhem Land, Central Australia, Alice Springs, Adelaide, SA, Riverland, Perth, WA, Pilbara, Kimberly, western desert, Gascoyne, Cape Range, Hamersley ranges, Hobart, Tasmania, South Africa, Middle-east, South-east Asia, USA, Europe, South America and elsewhere.

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